Documenting my journey of making a successful Travel blog

Being a blogger and making money online is not an easy thing BUT it's possible, for the last few years I have been working online while I travel and live the life I have always wanted. In this blog I will share will you all you need to know to start your own blog and my daily tools and techniques that I use.

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The truth about monetizing a Travel Blog

As a part of documenting our journey to build a successful travel blog, I thought it will be helpful to share some of the situations I ran into when I started monetizing the blog. Many of these scenarios were new for me since they were never mentioned in any of my research of blog monetization.When we began blogging, I always thought that the day I would be able to make over $1 [...]

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Our Journey to building a Six figure Travel Blog

​Starting a travel blog is one of the hardest things I have ever done. It requires a lot of work and the more you learn about blogging, it just gets worst. You keep adding more daily tasks to the already big “things to do” list and it always feels like you never have enough time.If you are like me and like to set up goals in life, you will find out that making 6 figure a [...]

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What we have done on 2016

It's been almost 13 months since I published our last income report and since then, some readers have asked us why we stopped it and how the blog is doing. So in this post, I will do my best to answer some of those questions. Why we stopped publishing income reports was entirely a business decision. After talking to some partners and our accountant, we decided to keep priva [...]

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Importance of having a fast site and how to optimize yours

Internet users like faster websites and so do search engines, a faster website will bring a better user experience and more chances to rank higher on Google results. The statistics don't lie and in today's internet world having a faster site is VITAL, but for some reason many people ignore this and they are paying a very expensive price. Before we start I would like to gi [...]

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Blogging life and Income report – October 2015

October was an exciting month full of challenges, work, traveling, pad thai, curry and shrimp! We had the opportunity to go to Thailand and participate in TBEX Asia. During this event we met amazing people from around the world that gave us lots of energy and motivation to keep doing what we do and travel more! TBEX Asia Thailand 2015 I took some videos about our trip so i [...]

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