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Hello! I am Yeison (pronounced like Jason).

I am blogger that runs a travel blog as a business, for the last few years I have been learning how to optimize every section of the blog to deliver a better user experience, provide real value, increase audience engagement and generate income at the same time.

During the first 26 months of our travel blog Mytanfeet, we were able to make $80,448.23. You can check the income section for details. It was not easy and I wish I knew many things that I know today as it would’ve made it easier. Thanks to this I was able to quit my Job and since then Samantha and I have been working full time on the blog and some other side projects.

I am a Costa Rican and I am pretty sure you will find lots of grammar errors in my writing and some phrases that doesn’t make sense. I am not a native English speaker and it’s a pain in the butt for me to write in English, so please feel free to correct me so I can learn. But being honest, before I publish something I always ask Samantha to check my grammar to make sure you guys can understand what I am trying to say.

What you will find on this blog

The main goal is to write about all the work it takes to run a blog and share with the audience including all the good and bad things that I have learned for the last years. Everyday I find something new to learn or a new challenge which is why I love the Internet.